by ajza

“put some honey and sea water by your bed.
acknowledge, that your being needs sweetness and cleansing,
that it is sore.
that you are, soft.”
-orishas (nayyirah waheed)

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I know.
Photos of yoga mats, feet, dogs, food.
They’re all boring.

But i’m in the market for a little boring.
Or maybe it’s Summer speaking.  Or the fact that this has been a period of big, hard labour.

I’ve been spending a lot of time Getting Shit Done and Making Lists and Thinking about the Lists and about Getting Shit Done. As fast and efficiently as i can.  Always.  It’s fun too, but equilibrium is where it’s at.
At the end of my days, I suspect that I will think happily of the times when I hung around with muddy feet, the taste of honey, and laughed my heart out.
My tendencies of late to quickly get shit done and make lists really are a craw in the side of the laughing and muddy feet.  And joy. Soften up the edges a little, man.

And so i got a baby pink yoga mat.  And a soft smile.
Accompanying the yoga mat and the soft smile are other things like quietness, opening, waiting, willingness and being sensitive.  They didn’t even advertise those!  This mat is so much better than the old green one.

One of the yoga students talked to me about leisure on Saturday after class.
She says that she suspects in the next ten years, exercise will become kind of eighties, and that leisure will be the next big thing. Here’s hoping. I’m going to make a little prayer for it and start now. From the pink mat.