probity and an eclipse

by ajza


I have nothing in particular to report except maybe that that moon was pretty neat last night.

And that trying to be good is important.  And by trying to be good i mean acting in a way that aligns with what the heart knows is true.
And that that takes work because first you have to check what your heart says and then you have to check if you are aligning with it and then you have to not be lazy.
Do you know this word?  I just learned it.  Isn’t it strong and sturdy? -the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty, decency.   I would pitch my apple wagon to that word any day.  The neatest part is its root in the french word ‘prouver.’  To prove.
Like probity isn’t just integrity.  It’s being proven to have integrity.  Like integrity doesn’t exist unless it’s been tested.

Integrity is illuminated by challenge.

The moon this weekend.  Masked and mysterious and covered in the shadow of the earth.
I feel happy about all of the people who walked to the end of their sidewalks to stand forever with fellow humans/strangers and stare at the moon.  Where did they get that patience?  Or are they waiting for something wild to happen?; the moon and its redness and the eclipse, these things have often whispered of the end of the world haven’t they?  My friend said: why don’t we all stare at the moon more often; i feel like i know it better today?  I think that’s a good question.

Still.  I don’t believe in the end of the world.
I am being shown how to believe in the hard work of living daily and well and in taking tiny steps to live a life and to have it be one that i can sleep at night about.

Slow, steady, eclipse-illuminated hard work of really livin.
I love this life.

How is your heart?