humble .

by ajza

DSC_4532.JPGI’ll tell you the most comforting qualities for me: humility and steadiness, together.  Winnipeg has them both.  Many people do.  I strive to, but fall short/am still practicing, frequently:)

Today, when i awoke, a little off-kilter from all of the unpredictable, loosely-spun holidaze and craving some ritualistic daily grind.  I put on my sturdiest boots and two scarves and walked into the heart of downtown winnipeg with my little orange friend, and we walked and walked and coffeed and walked and got grittiness on our feet and enjoyed the clean prairie sky that you can breathe even in the most densely-buildinged parts in this humble, little city.  I felt surrounded/held/thank-goodnessful for the smallness/strength of quiet brick, big sky.

Walked home, heavy boots/happy.  These are not opposites for me, but don’t they sound like they are?